Evidence-based approach to clinical care

Latest Advances in Patient SafetyPhysicians at Beachwood Medical Center take an evidence-based approach to care. This means that patients receive clinical care that incorporates the conscientious use of current best evidence from well-designed studies, a clinician’s expertise, and patient values and preferences. This problem-solving approach to care has been shown to improve patient outcomes. Studies show that patients are at least 28% better when clinical care is based on rigorously designed research studies than when care is steeped in tradition (Heater, Becker, & Olsen, 1988).

In designing Beachwood Medical Center, physicians took the latest in best practice techniques learned within systems across the country as well as abroad. For example, the hospital is “purpose-built” for surgical care, with innovative features incorporated into the hospital’s central processing department. By installing these advanced techniques where surgical instruments are washed and sterilized, the hospital is able to reduce complications from infection.

This smaller, purpose-built hospital concept has gained in popularity in Europe and other areas of the United States due to their superior outcome scores with lower complication rates, better functional outcomes, higher patient satisfaction rates, and lower costs.

High-touch meets high-tech

Throughout the facility, the electronic medical record offers immediate access to every aspect of the patient’s care: results of diagnostic imaging and lab tests, medications, treatments, and physician and nursing notes. Radiology is tied in closely with physicians to provide more efficient imaging tests and minimize patients’ movement from room to room before surgery.

“The hospital’s emergency room and surgery areas are specifically designed to accommodate the surgical expertise of many of the physician partners,” explains Leslie Manzo, RN, BSN, MBA, chief administrative officer of Beachwood Medical Center.

Surgeons at Beachwood Medical Center can also utilize telemedicine within the building. Doctors can conference with families from within the operating suite and email them images and notes directly from the surgery.

Large, state-of-the-art surgical theaters easily accommodate the equipment and surgical team. ORs are equipped with the latest in LED surgical lighting and the most up-to-date video system. Booms from the ceiling hold the camera and video equipment that project the image from the surgical field to two large high-definition monitors on either side of the operating table. A third monitor is located on the wall above the patient’s head where all surgical staff can view it. OR staff can control and change the information displayed on the screens, including any radiology images required for reference.

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